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29 Themed Dinner Nights Ideas When You’re Not Sure What to Make

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If meal planning gives you a headache, incorporate themed dinner nights. You’ve heard of Taco Tuesday & Meatless Monday. But we’re only getting started!!!

As a busy mom of four, I like to keep meal planning as simple as possible with effective, minimalistic strategies. Here’s how theme meal planning works. Basically, you use a pre-planned dinner theme as inspiration for that night of the week.

When you’re stuck in a meal planning rut, this meal planning hack will totally get you moving.

So let’s get started….here’s my big daddy list of themed meal planning ideas, complete with recipe suggestions from my own kitchen!

Themed Dinner Nights Ideas

Meatless Monday

Taco Tuesday

Admittedly, this is my favorite day of the week. Of course this list includes my fav, homemade tacos. But let’s get beyond the shell here and expand this taco themed meals like:

Tex Mex Night

Instant Pot Night

Pasta Night

Stir Fry Night

Salad night

Soup night

Sandwich Night

Egg Night

Pork Night

More Themed Dinners for Nights of the Week

The beauty of planning meals this way is that you can assign these dinner themes to any night of the week. Here’s more!

Italian night

Breakfast for dinner

Slow Cooker Night

Chili Night

– yes, chili gets it’s own night because there are SO many ways to mix it up here!

Skillet Meal Night

Burger Night

Grilling Night

Leftovers night

don’t go hating on leftovers quite yet. I mean, they’re a fact of life!

Kids favorite night

Sheet pan supper

Asian night

Pizza night

I hope these themed dinner night ideas make mealtime just a little more simple in your world! Bon Appetite!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.