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25 Recipes Using Cooked Chicken | Leftover Chicken Recipes

25 Awesome Recipes to Make with Cooked Chicken Website

There are a million dishes you can make with cooked chicken, which is why I always recommend you keep some on hand for easy, throw together meals.

To get started, you (obviously) have to cook chicken. Here just a few ways to get going…

  • Pick up a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store deli. Note: This works better for small families and couples – it wouldn’t go very far for our family of six!
  • Grill a batch of chicken breasts or thighs at the beginning of the week
  • Poach chicken
  • Baked chicken in the oven
  • Read my post about how to cook a whole chicken in the Instant Pot, or CrockPot or slow cooker

Okay, so we’ve established there are quite a few ways you can cook the chicken. It’s up to you if you use chicken breasts, whole chicken, dark meat chicken like boneless, skinless thighs…..

Uh oh, I’m starting to feel like Forest Gump and I’m just getting started. Yikes!

So what do you do with all this chicken? Here are some ideas for you. Some have recipes and others, I think you can figure out.  You’re a pretty smart bunch!

Save it for later here!

Recipes to make with cooked chicken

  • 5 Ingredient Chicken Enchiladas – any recipe that uses 5 ingredients catches my eye. Easy peasy!
  • Chicken Caesar Wraps – Use a Flat Out wrap (our local grocery store dietician likes them because they contain fiber, which will keep you fuller longer!). Add grilled chicken, some crunchy lettuce, a little shaved Parmesan and Caesar dressing!
  • Creamy White Chicken Enchiladas – These looks SO incredibly good!
  • Chicken Quesadillas – come on, you can handle this one! Try sneaking some veggies in if you can 😉
  • Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps – Use this recipe as a template, then adjust to add the seasonings to your cooked chicken.This white chicken chili is an easy Instant Pot recipe that is family friendly and full of flavor.
  • Instant Pot White Chicken Chili – A hearty, broth based soup that comes together in no time at all!
  • Chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans – Sounds like a good Sunday dinner, doesn’t it?
  • Chicken Pad Thai – You can easily adapt this recipe to add the chicken at the end. It will soak up all the yummy sauce! And of course, this scores bonus points for being a one-pan meal. Where are my peeps who wish for magically washed dishes??
  • Chicken and rice enchilada bake – Casserole and bakes are the perfect place for cooked chicken. And you know I love a good Tex-Mex recipe!
  • Greek Chicken Salad Wraps – leftover chicken, Greek Yogurt, and a powerhouse of flavor!
  • Chicken Alfredo – noodles, sauce, chicken. Top with some cracked black pepper, serve with steamed peas or broccoli. Boom – done!
  • Chicken Fried Rice – If you’re looking for a kid-friendly dish, give this one a try!
  • Quick & Easy Skillet Chicken Jambalaya – Bring a taste of New Orleans to your dinner table! This recipe is simple enough for a weeknight dinner.
  • Chicken Noodle Soup – there are a million recipes out there and everyone seems to have their favorite. For that reason, I’ll have you do the honors here!
  • Chicken Lo Mein – Another kid friendly (or picky husband) option!
  • Chicken Tacos – in a large skillet warm 1-1.5 pounds of cooked chicken, a packet of taco seasoning and a little water. Simmer for a few minutes until chicken is warmed through and seasoning has cooked through.

    Have I convinced you yet to make cooked chicken part of your weekly meal prep??? Here’s more!

  • Pesto Pasta Salad with Chicken -this  makes a fabulous field meal for my farming friends! As an added bonus, it only need five ingredients which likely means this pasta salad will join your regular meal plan rotation!

Pesto Pasta Salad with Chicken

  • Chicken Tortilla Soup – Of course I have to share my BFF, Ree’s recipe. Adapt it to the stovetop and it’s ready in no time at all.
  • Chicken Pot Pie Casserole – Perfect for a crowd or even better….leftovers!!
  • Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas – Yum! Enough said!
  • Healthy Buffalo Chicken Soup –  Grab a bowl to ladle up some Healthy Buffalo Chicken Soup! It’s hearty, delicious and a perfect chili recipe during the cold winter months.
  • buffalo chicken soup
  • Chicken Stir Fry – Technically, this is my recipe for Pork Stir Fry but you can totally switch out the pork for chicken!
  • Tex Mex Breakfast skillet – Make it however you like it! Some ideas are cooked chicken, scrambled eggs, diced peppers and onions, salsa & avocadoSour cream enchiladas
  • BBQ chicken sandwiches – nice toasty buns, some awesome bbq sauce. Serve with coleslaw made from a pre-chopped mix at the grocery store and old fashioned baked beans.
  • Chicken Salad Sandwiches – this is my favorite recipe made with pecans and grapes. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
  • Chicken Caesar Salad – Crunchy romaine lettuce, your favorite creamy Caesar dressing, salty Parmesan cheese and warmed, diced grilled chicken. Done!
  • Chicken broth – If you’re using a whole chicken or bone-in chicken, make chicken broth with the leftovers. Homemade chicken broth is so incredibly homey and tasty…yum! Use it right away for soups or freeze it for several months.

Phew! I had more ideas but honestly my fingers are tired and now I’m hungry!!! If this helps you out, but sure to let me know and make someone else’s life easier by sharing!

I’m always looking for ways to help my fellow home cooks like you 🙂

Made with love,


25 Recipes to Make with cooked chicken for easy weeknight dinners

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