Make Ahead Meals

Are you ready for time saving meal prep? 

Welcome to dinnertime, reinvented – where we turn “what’s for dinner” into a no brainer, no matter what curveballs life throws at you.

Trust me, I get it….after working all day and taking care of kids, the last thing you want to think about is what’s for dinner. And that, my friends is why I am so happy to bring this to you.

Introducing Make Ahead Meals

A meal making system with flexible options, time saving strategies and step by step instructions, along with a community of like minded, awesome busy mamas and farm wives.

Make Ahead Meals is NOT a meal plan.

In fact, if you looking for a computer generated meal plan to arrive in your inbox where it sits and sits while you feel guilt about
not utilizing it – this is not for you.

If you are:

  • a busy family with sporting events, a family involved in agriculture or people on the go who needs flexible solutions to work around kids sports, 4-H, planting, baling and harvest times. (And days ending in “y”)
  • Noticing you are WAY too reliant on the Casey’s pizza hotline and need an easy, healthy way to feed your family with minimal effort every week. (Don’t get me wrong, I totally recommend keeping frozen pizza – two, specifically – in the freezer at all times!)
  • In a meal making rut where you’re cooking the same four or five dinners all the time
  • a working mom who is trying to carve out a few precious minutes for “you”
  • Are tired of scouring Pinterest for recipes to save, only to experience overwhelm and wasted time without actual results.

What you Get in Make Ahead Meals

You’ll have access to all the available meal making sessions.

Each week a new menu will be available, made by ME! These are recipes I actually make and feed our family. Download the plan and grocery list and check out the corresponding video, where I will make the meals, share tips and shortcuts, and basically, tell you how to make five easy meals.

Watch it live and ask questions or catch the replay in your downtime. Think of it – a real person to make your grocery list, plan your meals, answer questions and cheer you on!

I’ll add you to my exclusive members only group where you can connect with other meal makers (and me) for extra support and encouragement from other busy people just like you.

  • WEEKLY MEAL MAKING SESSIONS – 5 dinners (or 10 if you double them) every single week with suggestions for dietary modifications. Cook the meals this week or freeze some for later. It’s your call.
  • DETAILED SHOPPING LIST – broken down by store section. Buy what you need, don’t buy what you already have.
  • STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS – each recipe will have instructions to make fresh, to freeze for later, or how to use as an under 30 minute meal
  • LIVE WEEKLY COOKING CLASS – teaching from Deanne (aka This Farm Girl Cooks) each week where you can ask questions, follow along and get tips and tricks to making your meals
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY – a supportive community filled with people like you.
  • WEEKLY Q&A  – where you can ask questions about anything kitchen and farm related, ranging from on the go field meals to feeding picky family members.

What Others Are Saying…

(Deanne) has made cooking look easier for us busy moms. I absolutely love her cooking videos, it has expanded my skills in the kitchen, which is funny because I’m a cook at a high school using recipes and hated cooking at home until now. – Cheryl R.

I absolutely love This Farm Girl Cooks!! The recipes are so quick and easy, something I need for my busy lifestyle!! Planting and harvesting seasons mean long nights for my husband and lonely nights for me so these recipes are perfect for that situation!! – Elizabeth N.

Awesome awesome awesome! She has helped me simplify dinner time. Dinner used to be something stressful for me like my family is picky I’ve searched for what to make and have no clue or where to start. She has not only given me fast, healthy meals but a peace of mind! – Jill R.

Make Ahead Meals provides kitchen coaching + encouragement coupled with solutions and strategies every single week.

I will help you stock your fridge and freezer with healthy meals to have flexible meal solutions at your fingertips. 

Make Ahead Meals – 5 Meals, 1 Hour – Endless Possibilities

Feed Your Family and Make Time for You

Usable advise for real-life people. Need I say more? I’m not a chef, I just want some realistic ideas for feeding my family and Deanne delivers that! – Rosalie T.

Thanks for the realistic recipes and insight that you are able to give. The trials that you speak about in your farmer and motherhood life make me feel that the challenges I face are pretty normal.  – Dawn C.

Save time with Make Ahead Meals


That’s staying in and skipping takeout one night a month.
Worth it for you and your family? Yes!!

You can also pay annually and receive a 10% discount