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Having a network of farm wives is one of the most valuable life skills I’ve acquired. I’m excited to share farm life community resources for women!

Let’s be honest – living in the country has it’s benefits but feeling lonely can often be a downfall. We’re busy, our friends are busy, and our non-farming friends don’t always understand what struggles we face.

Throw a little social distancing into the mix and having online networking becomes even more important!

If social distancing taught us anything, it’s how important socializing is! 

While in lockdown, many of us turned to technology to connect with friends and family. Can you imagine how many new Zoom accounts we created?

Another social media tool that also rose in popularity was the Facebook Groups. 

Facebook is the most widely-used social media tool out there, and for good reason. Social media is a place for like-minded people to share ideas, resources, and stories.

Plus, where else could we enjoy the hilarious memes floating around the FB world?

So, my rural-living community, today I’d like to share with you 10 free Facebook Groups. These groups cater to women living, loving, and sometimes lamenting the agricultural life!

Note: I may use referral or affiliate links for the products I love.

Farm Life Community Groups

DIY Farm Women

Farmer Women: A real-life, no BS group for females in the row crop industry! If you are a hands-on, tractor-driving, crop-farming lady (or interested in becoming one), this group is a great resource!

For those of you who are a primary operator in your operation, you’ll want to join Farmer Women.

Women in Agriculture: This is an awesome group to join just to learn about all of the different farming practices around the world.

This group is HUGE and growing like a weed. It’s filled with tons of resources on just about anything ag-related.

If you have a question about a problem with a calf, or are wondering about a strange weed that popped up in your garden….

Or maybe you wonder which leggings hold up the best for choring. Spoiler alert: Carhart seemed to be the popular choice…yes, Carhart makes leggings!

My point is, you can probably find the answer from these awesome ladies. 

Farm Wife Relief Groups

Farm Wife Support Group: This group is for women who farm and/or are married to a farmer. Their cover photo says, “Awhh your husband works 40 hours a week…that’s cute.”

If you’re like me, you can totally relate!

Join their group ASAP to get in on the friendships, stories, advice, and support that come from a community of farm wives!

Farmer’s Wives : This is a group that started as a resource for busy-season meals. It quickly morphed into a supportive, friendly community for all things farm wife-related (sound familiar?!).

With fun recipes and entertaining posts, there is plenty here to learn from.

Farm Wives : This group is ery specific to women who are in the down-and-dirty ag life.

Farm Wives is a safe place to share all your farm-related thoughts. You know – challenges, joys, and ridiculous stories that you can’t make up.

They are very selective with their membership. So make sure you read the description of their group before requesting to join!

General Female Ag-Related Groups

Homesteading and Living Simply on Our Farms : This is for you if you’re looking for a place to find and share ideas and tips for simplifying your life.

This is a rare community in that they allow you to share your blog posts and sell (upon approval) non-MLM products that are farm-based or handmade. Members share stories, resources, and ideas as to how they handle their homesteading.

The Real Women of Agriculture: Whether you have a question, idea, or just need to rant because it’s been raining for 804,327 days. The Real Women of Agriculture group is a great place to let it all out.

Their page literally says, “Feel free to post about anything because hey, we all enjoy conversation.” Now if that doesn’t sound like my kind of farm life community!

The Rural Woman Podcast Community is a double-whammy opportunity. It’s a community of hard-working women and an entertaining podcast to binge while you’re sitting in the tractor or cooking away in the kitchen.

This group respects the different lifestyles that farming, ranching, and homesteading encompass . It also highlights the unique practices we all follow in our little slice of rural life.

farm life community

Mom Life on the Farm

Moms of Midwest Family Farming (Midwest Family Farming): This group is the perfect place to pose your mom and farm-mom questions, such as “How much dirt is it safe for my child to consume?” (I can’t be the only one who has wondered!)

Join this group if you are a farming mama looking for a community to provide support, laughs, and advice.

And drumroll please…

Saving the best for last…

No bias whatsoever…

This Farm Girl Cooks: If you aren’t part of TFGC yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Just kidding…but seriously.

I’m a mom to four kiddos and wife to an Illinois farmer. I enjoy all things farm, food, and friend-related and I love sharing new, simple, fun recipes that work in the field or on the table. I think our community is pretty rockin’ and if you haven’t joined already, do it!

The Kitchen Nook – Friends of This Farm Girl Cooks: this is a place for the friends of TFGC to share their own recipes, ideas, photos of meals. It’s structured to continue learning and teaching each other all we can about meal-prep for the farm life..

You know I love community, and I really love food.

I’ve also got some great resources to check out for staying sane, healthy, and fed with life on the farm – go check them out here!

More farm life resources:

 Do you need recipes approved for on-the-go meals? Check out my Table to Tailgate Field Meals Cookbook! You can get a print copy or eBook on Amazon.

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