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So God Made A Farm Wife

And on the ninth day, God looked down on the Earth and said, “The farmer needs a partner.”

So God made a farm wife.

God said, “I need someone who can run a household and switch gears on a moment’s notice, who can shuttle kids and run for parts, who can work all day and when their first work day ends, throw on a pair of boots and start their second job on the farm.”

So God made a farm wife.

God said, “I need someone who can cook meals that can be ready in 20 minutes or sit for three hours, who knows how to stock a pantry and fridge because town is 30 miles away.

Who, come planting, harvest and calving season can single handedly run a household, attend parent-teacher conferences and gatherings and smile without bitterness when people ask where their husband is. 

It had to be someone who’d go to cattle sales for “together” time, who’d plan for children in the “off season”, who understood the value of date night in the buddy seat of the combine.

God said, “I need someone strong enough to weather the ups and downs, handle the financial insecurities, who will make things work no matter what and who will reach for their farmer’s hand and hold it tight when the going gets tough.”

So God made a farm wife. 

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