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I’m a Perfectly Imperfect Mama and Proud of It – Here’s Why

If back to school this year didn’t go as perfectly as you imagined they would, read on for my perfectly imperfect mama moment…

I am not a perfect mom. I can cook, I can bake, I can do most things in a kitchen. But ask me to decorate a cake, make a craft, and I am hopeless.

So last year, I was over the MOON when I found a lovely back to school board in the Target bins.

You know, the ones at the front of the store that we absolutely must peruse before shopping for the actual items on our list.

This board was a pre-colored, pre-decorated fill in the blank back to school board for dummies. In other words, it was perfect.

We used it last year and I was incredibly proud to pull it out of the basement for this year’s back to school.

Rather than search for ANOTHER board for our kiddo entering kindergarten this year, I had an “ah-ha genius” mom moment.

You know those moments, where you think, “Oh yes, I’m so smart, I bet my family can’t believe how lucky they are to have me!” 😀

I don’t have those moments often, but when I do I give myself a huge pat on the back. Come on, we all have them!

So last night, I whipped out my new, still organized by the rainbow, in the box chalkboard markers. I lovingly crafted a board for Luke.

See exhibit #1.

perfectly imperfect mama

I used my best handwriting, can you tell?

I googled what year he’d graduate because math and I are NOT friends. And I got it right.

I’m totally crushing this first day, picture perfect perfection.

But wait….

Perfectly Imperfect Mama breaks a sweat…

I even asked Eleanor the answer she’d like for her board ahead of time, because my master plan went like this:

Excuse me while I make room for my awesomeness….

Step 1: Fill out the board for Luke. Take photos of him by the front door with the sun shining and the birds chirping cheerfully.

Ahhhh, bliss!

Step 2: Wipe board clean and lovingly fill in Eleanor’s answers which I already had in hand because I’m a freaking genius, right??

Step 3: Breeze on out to the porch and take Eleanor’s photos, again – with sun shining, birds chirping and me as calm as a cucumber.

Well, y’all….we got to Step 2. And then, things began to fall apart.

The marker WOULD. NOT. ERASE.

The box clearly said “simply wipe off and erase”.

It was NOT so.

So as Eleanor stood there expectantly waiting for me to write her oh-so lovely board to start first grade, Luke’s answers maintained a ghostlike appearance on the board.

I scrubbed.

I used Windex. Lots of it.

Not the natural kind, the bluer than humanly possible full strength stuff.

I looked for a Mr. Clean and his Magic Eraser and he could not be found anywhere.

Where is Mr. Clean when you really need him???

Then, my husband oh so helpfully strolled through the kitchen, remarking that I used regular chalk last year.


Clearly, he didn’t understand my need to use my new, pretty chalk markers to give our lovely offspring the perfect back to school board.

We’re making memories, darn it!

Then, he suggested I use “Goof Off”, a paint remover.

Ahhhhh, why didn’t I think of that??

It worked. Totally.

That is, if I wanted to remove ALL the paint from the board including the blackboard paint itself.

I was really starting to break a sweat now.

I cheerfully told Eleanor we could use a colorful florescent pink marker to cover up Luke’s answers. Like a true gem, she’s like, “okay mama, maybe that will work”.

Because hope springs eternal when you’re six.

Meanwhile, in my head and my heart, I’m feeling like a major mom loser.

But I am still trying because this mama does not crash and burn without a fight.

perfectly imperfect mama


After emptying the entire cleaning products cabinet, and because Jesus really loves me, I found a Magic Eraser and by golly, that thing WORKED!

It removed all of Luke’s favorite things and besties from the board. I was able to replacement the contents with Eleanor’s favorites.

Because pickles and salami are not her favorites. She’s a unicorn and rainbow girl, of course!

And then, like the perfectly imperfect mama that I am, I proudly took a picture.

Our six year old didn’t look down on me. She proudly stood with that messed up chalkboard because she is wise beyond her years.

She knows that perfection is overrated. That the messy board doesn’t mean a messy year.

Oh yes…our children love their perfectly imperfect mama and the truth is, I’m learning to love her, too!

Wishing you all a wonderful school year, no matter what it looks like.

P. S. I haven’t had time to unload from Saturday’s farmers market as you can see in the background.

I’ll get to that. Eventually 🙂

made with love, Deanne

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.