olive oil, fresh asparagus, diced sweet potatoes, broth, pesto sauce, salt and pepper, heavy cream, onions and garlic

step 1

add the olive oil, garlic and chopped onion. Stir until they start to soften, taking care not to burn the garlic.

step 2

Add asparagus, diced sweet potatoes, pesto, and veggie stock. Close the Instant Pot lid and place the valve in the sealing position.

step 3

Select manual and cook on high pressure for 5 minutes.

step 4

Add the heavy cream, and using an immersion blender or a partially full blender, puree the soup.

serve and enjoy! top with croutons or fresh herbs

Use potatoes or carrots instead of sweet potatoes. – If you don't have heavy cream, you can use an equal amount of cream cheese or a mixture of Greek yogurt and milk.

variation ideas