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Water Drinking Challenge | 7 Days + Free and Fun!

Welcome to the water drinking challenge!  This is a fun, 7 day challenge that will guide you through the process of drinking more water on a regular basis. 

Not only will you log your water each day to make sure you drink the minimum amount required, but you’ll also learn why it’s important to drink water and score some excellent tips for making it taste delicious. 

Why Drinking Water is So Important

We will go more into the many benefits of drinking water on day 2 of the water drinking challenge, but for now, here is a brief list of some benefits you get by drinking more:

·  Avoid dehydration – dry skin, be gone!

·  Have healthier skin, hair and nails (yes!)

·  Decrease your appetite to help you lose weight – works for me!

·  Stay full in between meals – awesome!

·  Cleanse your body of bad toxins – sounds great!

·  Maintain a healthy body and mind – YES!

How Much Water Should I Drink?

Since you are taking the challenge, you probably either struggle to drink enough each day, or simply don’t enjoy water. 

This challenge is also going to help you find new ways to encourage drinking water, from changing your daily habits to tricking your mind into getting more water, such as from food sources like cucumber and water-based soups.

It will also help you determine how much water you should drink.

Grab a fun water bottle and join in!

I hope you have fun with this challenge! You can sign up here!

This challenge teaches the fundamentals of water drinking, encourage you to drink more, and make you understand why it is one of the best things you can do for your body!

As always, check with your doctor with any questions you have. I love water but I’m not a medical professional 😉

Let’s go!

made with love, Deanne
water drinking challenge 7 days

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.