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Gifts For Kids Who Like to Cook {gift guide}

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Toddlers and kids love a hands on approach in the kitchen! Here are my fun, but practical gifts for kids who like to cook!

Cooking gifts are such an awesome present for kids AND parents. I truly believe that kids need to be hands on in the kitchen so they’ll take in interest in the food they eat while learning valuable life lessons.

Basically, your kitchen is a STEM lab right in your own home!

Today I’m sharing my favorite products for kids cooking and kids who love to bake. Let’s get started with gifts for kids who like to cook!

Gifts for kids who like to cook

Kid Chef Cookbook for gifts for kids who like to cook

This is an awesome cookbook for kids who love cooking. This cookbook has 75+ easy-to-follow recipes for snacks and small bites, main dishes and desserts so every child will find something they’re inspired to make and try.

I love that these are foods that I would eat too! Kids’ recipes have come a long way since I was a kid.

In my first cooking class as a child, we made things like Peter Rabbit Salad which was a canned pear with clove eyes, marshmallow tail and maraschino cherry nose. All I can think is, my poor, poor parents!!!

So get this cookbook and avoid the Peter Rabbit Salad 😉

play food for kids who love cooking

Now I’m all for having the kids cook alongside me, but sometimes what I’m working on isn’t so toddler or child friendly.

I love this kitchen play set because the kiddos set up their own kitchen with a cutting board and plastic knife, and 3 stainless steel pots with lid and utensils.

Kids can pretend to chop, slice, and cook their own fresh food. There’s even velcro so the food makes a cutting noise when sliced!

Oh, and extra points for the storage container that will actually hold up and fit everything!

pop molds for kids who love cooking

Okay, let’s be real here for a minute. Do your kids actually eat an entire popsicle or do they eat part of one, and then set the melting pile of goo to drip, drip, drip and stick to your table? Exactly!

These mini freezer pops are just the right proportion for kids’ appetites and a guilt-free treat for adults. I love the size of them! Put in juices, smoothie blends, kefir – there are lots of healthy ways to have fun with these!

kids knives for kids who love cooking

I searched high and low for knives that were truly kid friendly for kids who love to cook. Finally, I found these knives with serrated edges and non-slip hands for kids to learn the basics.

I love the fun bright colors and the three size varieties and the reviews are great!

triceratops taco holder

I LOVE tacos, in case you haven’t noticed. So stay hands free and let Triceratops taco holder do the heavy lifting!

Great for kids and kids at heart and so, so fun!!

Puj toddler cups for kids who love to be in the kitchen

100% of the credit for this awesome hanging cup set find goes to my sister! I was visiting at her house when I saw theses cups hanging from the side of the fridge.

Basically, I grabbed her by the shirt, demanded to know where she got them, and proceeded to yell at Alexa to order them, PRONTO! Or, something like that 😉

But seriously, these are a game changer if you’re buying for young kids. Kids can get their own drinks from the water dispenser. They feel super important and they can help themselves!

Because let’s be honest for a second. Little kids will try to do it themselves whether you want them to or not (toddlers, sheesh!)

I’d much rather have them help themselves with these plastic cups instead of walking around the corner to see them filling up a glass-glass while teetering on tiptoes.

These kids cups are dishwasher safe and come with 2 hooks for hanging that can take a lot of tugging action. These would be great in the bathroom, too!

Step stool for kids who love cooking

We had loved this in our kitchen! There are other, pricier models of a safety step stool, but I love that this step stool is kid friendly, lightweight and reasonable priced.

It’s designed with safety in mind, so the upper portion is completely enclosed with a step up platform. It also has rounded edges and rubber anti skid feet.

It’s a great way for kids to see what’s going on at the table instead of standing on the barstools, which is pretty much guaranteed to give any parent a heart attack.

American Girl Cookbook - gifts for kids who like to cook

My niece has this American Girl cookbook and truth be told, I think I’d buy it for myself!

She whipped up all sorts of treats for her birthday party using these recipes. Yep, you read that right…she cooked for her OWN party. Now THAT’s a girl after my heart!!!

If your kiddo is interested in cooking, they’ll love this book filled with photos and recipes for delicious snacks, soups and salads, main dishes, and side dishes. I highly recommend this!

Gifts for kids who love to bake

kids baking set for kids who love to bake

Someone I know is getting this! This 19 piece baking set is perfect for introducing your little ones to the joy of cooking. They can play with food, or do what my kids do and make “pretend” culinary creations with play dough.

What a great way to motivate kid’s interest in helping out!

If you need extra motivation to get your kids involved – because yes, I agree, it can be a pain – the payoff is our 3 year old has been asking to the table for dinner.

I almost cried tears of joy…)

Oh, and as an extra bonus, 5% of the sale goes to No Kids Hungry!

Cupcake Set for kids who love to cook

If you’re a grandparent who wants to make your child AND grandchild happy, this might just be the best gift!

I can’t tell you how many times this has bought me the hour or so I need to finish a task! Even if your child is too young to actually bake with cupcake molds, they can play along side you in the kitchen.

And, it’s real. The 20-piece baking set includes everything you need to bake yummy mini cupcakes with your kids, including recipes!

Baking play for kids who love cooking

I think it’s safe to say everyone loves Melissa & Doug. Nice folks, wooden toys, you know the drill.

This colorful wooden play food set includes 12 sliceable cookies, 12 toppings, knife, spatula, cookie sheet, and kitchen mitt.

For the younger crowd, this is sure to be a pleaser. And cleanup is a cinch, too!!

It’s so important for kids to play a role with cooking so it’s a fun experience for them instead of a chore.

And we all eat, right???

I hope these ideas of gifts for kids who like to cook help you and the child who loves cooking in your life!

Have other ideas? I’m all ears; comment below!

Made with love,

gifts for kids who like to cook


Gift Guide for Kids who love cooking

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.