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Sugar Free January – Start off 2020 Right With Low Sugar and Real Foods!

Let’s start the new year off right with a sugar free January! We’ll reduce our sugar, or in some cases eliminate it and focus on wholesome, real foods!

What is sugar free January?

Honestly, you can define it however you like! For me, I’m going to eliminate refined sugar for the remainder of January. 

This means I won’t be baking with full cups of sugar, but I might use a hint of pure maple syrup in moderation.

This is a great way to reset after all the holiday fun and get our bodies and minds back on track!

My challenge starts the Monday after New Year’s Eve. 

Let’s be honest, we have to sweat out what libations have gone down the hatch, get the kiddos back to school and back into our holiday routines.

What are the sugar free January rules?

Ummm, have you met me????

You get to do you. You can make it as strict or as lenient as you want.

I’m not gonna judge, I’m not gonna police, and I’m not gonna shame anyone.

This isn’t a medical detox, it’s just taking some simple steps to see how we feel when we get our bodies back on track.

Even if you don’t do the entire month, I do encourage you to stick with it for at least 14 days. That should give you enough time to start feeling your hard work pay off!

But what I will do is be real, encourage, provide resources, and give you an awesome community to join others with the same goal in mind!

How am I personally doing sugar free January?

For me, I’m going to cut out refined sugar and really be aware of places they may be hiding (like spaghetti sauce, example, example).

I’ll also cut out obvious sugars like white, brown and powdered sugar. I may use a touch of pure maple syrup or honey if I really want something. But other than that, I’ll abstain. 

I can tell you from experience, you’ll want to watch out for how much fresh fruit you consume. Now, I’m not a dietician, but it is easy to overdo it in the fruit department and even though it’s natural sugar, it’s possible to overload. 

So make sure you’re not going through the motions with cheats in place. Otherwise, why bother.

I’ll be focusing on eating fruits, vegetables, lean meats and an overall healthier approach to eating.

Simple is best in my book. 

So for this challenge, I’ll have the same breakfast, a smoothie,for breakfast every morning. Maybe your go to is whole wheat toast and eggs. Do your thing, friend!

If you want to join us sign up here!

no sugar January

I originally got this idea from Bjork and Lindsay at Pinch of Yum. In addition to being the world’s more adorable couple, they have tons of ideas and recipes. You can check out their No Sugar January here.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.