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Six Farmer Friendly Sandwiches

There’s a shift in the air here. It’s the tap-tap-tapping of harvest knocking on our door. I can feel it in my husband’s routines – he’s getting antsy for harvest. (The word combine was even uttered the other day. Shhhh! I acted like I didn’t hear it). The mood shift happens every year, though this year feels early considering everything is still lush and green. But it’s hot and fields can turn over quickly, plus….I saw a wooly caterpillar crossing the road today. That’s a sure sign harvest is coming, or so I was told many years ago.

When the tractors are being waxed and prepped for the fall, that’s my cue to start meal planning. I’m a dork, I love coming up with new food ideas! So, step aside, peanut butter and jelly! Move over, bologna. I’m sharing some sandwiches that are both field and tractor worthy. They’re pretty darn good at the kitchen table, too!

This Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Panini from The Noshery is one of my all time favorite combinations – wrap it up in foil and it’ll keep until you deliver. Or cook it ahead if you’re not delivering and throw it in the cooler. Warm or cool, either way it’s delicious!

Bacon Avo Panini

On hot fall days, I love to serve this cool Sonoma Chicken Salad from Whole Foods. In my former (corporate) life, I used to eat it at their store for lunch. (Brief pause…Oh, that salad bar….) Anyway, now I can make it at home and it’s super easy to prepare. Use rotisserie chicken if you want to streamline things!

Sonoma Chicken

These Baked Ham Sandwiches are easy to assemble and smell divine as they cook. I’ve taken them to the field still in the pan to serve. They can also be cut and foil wrapped. Pack some extra napkins or wet wipes for hands afterwards! I usually cut back on the butter a bit – otherwise I feel guilty. That must be my Catholic guilt kicking in. 🙂

Ham Sandwich

These Turkey Ranch Club Wraps are great when you want to mix things up with a wrap instead of bread. The best part is everything can already be cooked. I will make bacon for another meal (breakfast for dinner, anyone??) and save some leftover bacon for these sandwiches. No need to heat up the kitchen if you don’t need to!


What screams fall more than apple orchards?? Well, maybe harvesting corn and soybeans and….well, anyway. This Apple Orchard Panini is a party in your mouth and like the wrap, requires no cooking! We you don’t care for Brie, swap it out for cheddar. Your sandwich, your choice. If you don’t have a panini press just put it in a pan to cook and push down with a spatula or weight it with a foil covered brick. (Seriously, the trick works! I sold my fancy space-hogging panini press in favor of a foil covered brick. Just saying’.)


This last sandwich is for those raw, cloudy, windy or rainy days. Some stick to your gut Easy Sausage Meatball Subs are a must on those days. Use frozen, pre-made meatballs if you want, especially during harvest. (that’s what I do!) I always say, do what keeps you sane 🙂 Oh, and these sandwiches are also served with a wet-napkin. Wrap ’em in foil.


Set these recipes aside in a safe place – harvest will be here before we know it! What are your favorite sandwiches when you’re working in the fields?


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