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Field Meals Cookbook

Field Meals Cookbook

Simple, delicious meal ideas to feed your on the go family and farmers during hay season, planting and harvest. Whether you take them to the corn field or the ball field, my field meals cookbook has recipes that easy, quick, healthy and family friendly.

Calling all busy parents and farm families…This field meals cookbook is calling your name!

Am I running for tractor parts? Maybe I’m shuttling kids to and from school.

My Table to Tailgate Cookbook is available for sale here!

Whatever I’m doing, I’m probably thinking about feeding my family. Field meals, freezer meals, meals on the go. Anything to make life a little simpler.

Since the age of six, I’ve been cooking and baking up a storm, learning to bake pies from my mom and hearty soups from my Grandma, sharing recipes with friends and testing her creations on my family.

From slow cooker meals to handheld sandwiches, I love all things food!

Cookbook Resources

This field meals cookbook has recipes perfect for families in farming and agriculture, but really, they apply to any busy family on the go.

field meals cookbook

See the tips for making on the go meals as easy as (pumpkin) pie, gain tips and shortcuts to make dinner a breeze and grab some sweets and treats while you’re at it.

I always say cooking is love made visible. And now, I’m sharing that love with you in my cookbook!

What’s in the field meals cookbook

This cookbook contains:

  • Field Meals 101 – what to use to transport, how to plan for meals, tracking favorites and my personal story of my journey into field meals.
  • 10 Handheld Recipes to eat while driving or standing at the field. These are great for families on the go in all sorts of fields – ball fields, corn fields….
  • 13 Slow Cooker recipes to cook while you’re busy doing other things!
  • 10 Recipes for Quick and Easy Main Dishes you can pull off without breaking a sweat!
  • 10 Side Dishes to Pair with just about anything!!!
  • 11 Sweets and Treats to pack in lunch boxes or deliver with meals
  • 101 ideas for more meals on the go!
field meals cookbook

Field Meals Cookbook

Here’s just one of over 50 recipes!

field meals cookbook

Other field meal resources

My Table to Tailgate Cookbook is available for sale here!

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