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Pimento Cheese Any Way You Like It!

Some people have Georgia on their minds but I’m dreaming about Charleston, SC. Earlier this week I was feeling nostalgic about the vacation we took to Charleston, SC a few years ago. Before we left on that vacation, I did what any foodie does and researched where and what I wanted to eat on vacation.

Something I hadn’t planned to fall in love with was at most of the restaurants we visited. People in the south are nuts for their Pimento Cheese.  I can’t say I blame them…it’s really, really good.

When we returned home I researched recipes only to discover there was a TON of mayo in the recipes. I don’t have anything against mayonnaise. Really, I don’t. It’s my hips that do.

I ended up finding this awesome, still delicious but mayo-free recipe from 100 Days of Real Food. It uses a reduced fat cream cheese and is wonderfully delicious. We made it into Grilled Cheese sandwiches for a quick meal after sports games one night. (Oh, and in the interest of keeping things real, my son wanted to act as food model and clearly he didn’t clean his hands very well after soccer. That sandwich became his by default. Sigh.)


Pimento Grilled Cheese Sandwich

How else can you capture this deliciousness? Use it as a spread in a flatbread sandwich wrap (this would be great to serve in the field), stuff anaheim peppers with the cheese, wrap in bacon and grill or bake (WHAT???!?) use it as an alternative deviled egg filling. Or, go old school and serve it with celery sticks supper-club style.
Any way you try it you’re guaranteed to have some ooey-gooey goodness. Enjoy!

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