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Mexican Fiesta Menu – Perfect for Cinco de Mayo at Home!

mexican fiesta menu

What time it is? It’s Mexican FIESTA TIME!!!! We are celebrating Cinco de Mayo from home this year and I bet you are too! Check out my Mexican fiesta menu for delicious recipes to make at home!

Unlike mu Taco Bar Checklist, which is fabulous for big get togethers, these are all family sized recipes you can make at home!

Mexican Fiesta Menu

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I love all things taco, Tex Mex, and Mexican food. I can’t help but get excited about all the tastes that happen on one plate!

My love for this food stretches far and wide. Last week, I got a friend request from a taco truck. True story!!! 😀

So I’m always down with sharing any excuse to eat tacos.

So here you go, my friends! A simple Mexican Fiesta menu plan you can make at home. Pick one (or two) main dishes and load up on the appetizers and sides!


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Fiesta Drinks

I don’t have a margarita recipe, but I do have this refreshing blueberry mint lemonade!

Mexican Fiesta Side Dishes

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Main Dishes

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I hope you have an awesome Mexican fiesta at home!

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