12 Recipes Using Girl Scout Cookies

12 Recipes using girl scout cookies

When I heard that my cutie pie niece, Kayleen, was selling Girl Scout Cookies, I did what any good aunt would do. First, I placed an order.  Then, I hunted down recipes using Girl Scout Cookies.

Then my feet went pitter-paterring down memory lane…

I have warm fuzzy memories of my first job in sales – selling Girl Scout Cookies. I remember weaving my way through our neighborhood pulling my red wagon to make deliveries.

Growing up, the cookies for our entire COUNCIL (yes, not only for my troop but the surrounding area, too) was delivered to my parent’s workplace. I still remember the semi truck backing up to their shop’s bay doors in our tiny town of 800. There were cookies for days plus endless streams of station wagons pulling up to retrieve their troops cookies. SOOOOO MANY COOKIES!!!

I ate so many cookies that I took a cookie hiatus for a few years. Incidentally, I do not recommend eating a box in one sitting. Just sayin’.

But now, I’m back and ready for cookies!  Here are a few recipes using Girl Scout Cookies that I found, plus a few drink pairings. Beer, wine and bourbon lovers – I’ve got you covered. Because grown ups should have fun too! 🙂

12 Recipes Using Girl Scout Cookies

1. Girl Scout Cookie Fudge [Dine & Dish]

2. Samoa Popsicles [My Baking Addiction]

3. Savannah Smiles Frozen Lemonade Tarts [The Old Hen]

4. Thin Mint Truffles [Flying on Jess Fuel]

5. Beer Pairings for Girl Scout Cookies [Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine]

6. Thin Mint Muddy Buddies [Six Sisters Stuff]

7. Girl Scout Cookie Recipes [The Girl Scouts] 

8. Samoa Truffles [Center Cut Cook]

9. Bourbon & Girl Scout Cookie Pairings [The Bourbon Review]

10. Shortbread Cookie Pops [Coupon Clipping Cook]

11. Cookie & Wine Combos [Women’s Health]

12. Taste of Home Recipe Collection

I think there’s still time to place an order if you haven’t already. If you need a hook up, let me know and I’ll get your order to Kayleen 🙂

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12 Recipes using girl scout cookies

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    February 8, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    Thank you for sharing these, although who hardly has any leftover cookies to use in recipes!? 😉 Not this girl, but the beer pairings will make a perfect Valentine’s Gift for my husband!

    • Reply
      February 14, 2017 at 3:19 pm

      Enjoy, and happy Valentine’s Day!! 🙂

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