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I’m a wife, mother, and farmer in the making. We have four kids, a slightly crazy mini-schnauzer, and a family farm in Illinois. Several years ago I left my corporate job to work on our farm. Since then I’ve been raising kids and learning the farming ropes from my husband and his parents.

I’m also making meals, creating simple recipes, and sharing my experiences as I go. My photography may not always (or ever) be award winning but there’s a reason for that. Sometimes I have a table full of hungry people, waiting for their dinner. Other times, we are dining in the cab of a tractor or the tailgate of a pickup. These are real meals that I prepare for my own family and loved ones. This food is the real deal!

Follow along as I share delicious, farm-friendly recipes and stories from my everyday life.


Cart Driving 101 - My first day on the job.

Cart Driving 101 – My first day on the job.

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